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Do you need a system that consistently produces new leads for your business?
We Take Lead Generation to a Whole New Level
We help local businesses predictably and consistently generate qualified leads and new business to increase their revenue and scale their growth with strategic online advertising campaigns. These campaigns are highly effective because they target your exact ideal prospect with a message that has been tested and proven to convert them into a lead or new customer.
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Target the Right Customers
We work closely with our clients to create digital campaigns that call out your target audience.  By having a clear understanding  of who your customer and ideal customers are, we are able to build a campaign that speaks to them directly.
Stop Throwing $ Away
Stop throwing money away on bad advertising campaigns. When not done properly, it's a waste. We understand it's probably not your area of expertise. We get your phone ringing so you can focus on running your business. 
Scale Your Business
We build vetting & nurturing systems to ensure our clients can scale up their marketing efforts intelligently.  Our lead generation strategy combined with metrics enables us to control the amount of leads a business receives per month.
"You are out of business if you don't have a prospect!"
~ Zig Zigler ~
How We Work
Below is an overview of how our process works from the initial call to the launching of the campaign. We work closely with our clients to make sure we have a clear picture of their avatar so that we can effectively generate leads that convert into customers. 
Discovery Session
Let's get to know each other over a brief discovery call. If your business is a good fit for local lead generation and you are prepared to take on more business, we can move to step two and clearly outline your ROI. 
Strategy Call
The next step is a bit more involved and requires about an hour of your time, as we dive into your business to find out who your ideal customer is and build your digital marketing strategy with your goals and objectives in mind.  
Campaign Building
This is the fun part! It's where strategic planning and creative minds come together to craft your lead generating machine. We work closely with our clients to create the offer, the message, and which photos or video get used in the ad.
The day before your campaign goes live, we'll walk you through your campaign and make any last minute changes, if needed. We'll also determine if you'd like your lead notifications via email or SMS and what to expect when leads call you.
About Stacey Pokluda
Stacey Pokluda is a creative professional and entrepreneur with expertise in all aspects of marketing, advertising, public relations, travel and event planning. Over the years, she has launched several successful companies and has built a wealth of personal relationships with media pundits and industry influencers. 

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